【Official】Ryokan ICHIKAWA

go home to a nostalgic place

Blue mountains as far as the eye can see.
The gentle and majestic Kiso River.

Here in Ena,
Pretty flowers usher in a new season,
The season when the gentle wind passes,

Along with the fresh blessings of the land of Ena,
We will serve you wholeheartedly.


  • "Ichikawa Special Fukujinzuke" won the Japan Department Store Award at the 11th Team Chef Competition!

    Recently, Ryokan ICHIKAWA's special Fukujinzuke has won the ``Japan Department Store Award.''

    The award we received is an honorable award from Nippon Department Store Co., Ltd.
    I am very honored.

    The award-winning "Ichikawa Special Fukujinzuke" is located in the center of Nakasendo Oi-juku,
    Fukujinzuke is a recipe and flavor that has been handed down in each of the six households in the town that protect the "Ichigami Shrine" that enshrines the ujigami.
    When the fukujinzuke season comes, the locals and others
    To everyone who supports Fukujinzuke every year and to everyone who orders by shipping every year,
    I am very happy to have the good news.

    We will continue to devote ourselves to being a ryokan that is loved by everyone.
    Thank you for your continued patronage.
  • Ryokan ICHIKAWA's food can be taken out or delivered.

    In order to add color to your hospitality and rewards,
    It's a wonderful lunch box that the chef offers with confidence.
    , entertainment and welcome and farewell parties for corporations,
    Please use it for occasions of hospitality such as special occasions and Buddhist memorial services.

    We also offer delivery as well as takeout.
    We accept orders by phone or fax.
    Please use the link below to prepare your fax order form.
    We also have orders for hors d'oeuvres,
    If you have any other requests, please feel free to contact us.

    *Delivery service is free within 20km.
    *Reservation required up to 3 days in advance.

Measures and Requests to Prevent Infectious Diseases

  • Ryokan ICHIKAWA ’s efforts to prevent infectious diseases

    At Ryokan ICHIKAWA, in order for our customers to spend their time with peace of mind,
    In accordance with local government guidelines and accommodation and restaurant industry guidelines,
    We have also created guidelines that strengthen hygiene measures.

    【Ryokan ICHIKAWA ’s efforts to prevent infectious diseases】
    ◆All staff will wear masks and face shields
    ◆Open the windows for good ventilation at all times
    ◆We will thoroughly manage the health of our employees and keep their clothes clean.
    ◆We will set a timetable for bathing for each customer and clean each time.
    ◆We will intensively disinfect shared areas that many people touch.
    ◆Contactless payment available
    ◆We will keep the distance between customers
    ◆We will respond according to the manual in the event of a customer malfunction.
  • Requests for a comfortable stay for customers

    In addition, in order for our customers to have a comfortable stay,
    We ask for your cooperation in the following:

    【Requests for a comfortable stay for customers】
    ◆Please wear a mask when visiting and in the common areas of the facility.
    *You do not need to wear it when eating or bathing.
    ◆Thank you for your cooperation in measuring the temperature when you visit.
    *Please understand that we may refuse entry according to the hygiene manual.
    ◆Please cooperate with hand disinfection

    In order for everyone to spend their time at this facility with peace of mind,
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Guidance in this facility

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95-1 Oi Town, Ena City, Gifu, Prefecture

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About 7 minutes on foot from JR Chuo Chuo Main Line Ena Station
About 5 minutes by car from Ena IC on Chuo Expressway
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History of Ichikawa

  • The 400-year journey continues today

    During the Kan'ei period of the Edo period, Soemon Ichikawa founded Hatago"Kadoya".
    Of the 41 Hatago on Nakasendo Oi-juku, it is the only inn that still welcomes guests.

"Ryokan ICHIKAWA" supports cashless payments such as various credit cards and electronic money.

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